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Improving Medicaid and SCHIP Retention Initiative

Retention Initiative: Achieving Stability in Medicaid and SCHIP Coverage is a two-year initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which began in April 2007. The Southern Institute is leading the initiative to increase the rate of retention of eligible children and adults in Medicaid and SCHIP by encouraging Medicaid and SCHIP programs to adopt changes in policies and procedures designed to improve retention rates.

The Southern Institute is assisting state teams from Alabama, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington through specialized consultation and technical assistance designed to help the state teams:

  • Adopt simplification eligibility policies and processes focused on retaining eligible children and adults.

  • Ensure accuracy of their eligibility determination processes at renewal to decrease inappropriate Medicaid and SCHIP closures.

Medicaid and CHIP Retention: A Key Strategy to Reducing the UninsuredReleased March 2009
This report shares information learned during the Retention Initiative: Achieving Stability in Medicaid and SCHIP Coverage (Retention Initiative) and suggests strategies for improving Medicaid and CHIP retention rates across all states.

Please call Judi Cramer, Deputy Director, Program Design and Management Center at (803) 779-2607 for more information on this initiative.


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