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Research and Public Policy Analysis

The Southern Institute on Children and Families analyzes the most pressing problems facing lower-income children and families and provides policymakers, state and federal leaders and the business community with timely, accurate information and tangible solutions. We have knowledge and experience in areas including access to health coverage and other public benefits, business involvement in the lower-income workforce, child care and early education, childhood obesity, food stamps, maternal and child health, information outreach, poverty, process improvement in public benefit systems and welfare reform.

Our early research on the removal of barriers that prevent eligible children and families from accessing public health coverage significantly contributed to the field of knowledge that established a national movement towards more family-friendly eligibility materials and less burdensome eligibility policies and procedures. We also produced the nation’s first, comprehensive, research-based information outreach brochures designed to educate families, community organizations and employers about public benefits available to lower-income working families.

The Southern Institute’s Policy and Research Center is directed by Kathryn J. Luchok, PhD, MA. The Policy and Research Center conducts small-and large-scale research projects in addition to supporting all Southern Institute initiatives. Contact us to learn more.


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