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Collaboration with Public and Private Leaders

The Southern Institute has created greater awareness of conditions that restrict opportunities for lower-income children and families in the South and initiated positive actions in both the public and private sectors. The effective participation of key players in awareness building, strategic planning and action has resulted in the Southern Institute’s respected reputation for its collaborative approach to change.

Our leadership is evident in the cutting edge research on improving access to public child health care coverage programs leading to significant reforms on the local, state and national levels. The Southern Institute directed the Covering Kids and Covering Kids & Families initiatives between 1997 – 2007, which comprised the nation’s single largest effort of its kind to ensure that every child and adult eligible for public health coverage received it. Initiatives like the current Southern Business Leadership Council and the former Southern Regional Initiative on Child Care bring together leaders from state and federal governments, business, providers and the faith community to share ideas, develop improvement strategies and promote action. Participants in our collaborative initiatives have indicated that the Southern Institute’s collaborative approach is a more effective way to gain momentum, share knowledge and get results.


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