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Increasing Knowledge of Issues and Action Strategies Related to Child and Family Well-Being

The Southern Institute on Children and Families is a respected resource for credible, research-based information on public policy issues that impact child and family well-being. Our staff have knowledge and experience in a range of issues that affect low-income families including access to health coverage and other public benefits, business involvement in the low-income workforce, child care and early education, food stamps, maternal and child health, information outreach, poverty, process improvement in public benefit systems and welfare reform.

The Southern Institute analyzes pressing problems facing low-income families and children and provides state and federal policymakers and the business community with timely, accurate information and tangible solutions. These efforts result in increased knowledge of issues that will assist public and private sector leaders in developing and implementing action strategies to improve opportunities for low-income families and children. Several examples of our work in this area are described below:

  • The Southern Institute’s early research on the removal of barriers that prevent eligible children and families from accessing public health coverage significantly contributed to the field of knowledge that established a national movement towards more family-friendly eligibility materials and less burdensome eligibility policies and procedures.
  • The Southern Institute produced the nation’s first, comprehensive, research-based information outreach brochures designed to educate families, community organizations and employers about public benefits available to low-income working families.
  • Uninsured Children in the South is a Southern Institute research report that provides state-by-state data on uninsured children with age and income breakouts related to Medicaid and SCHIP. The third edition of this report was published in December 2007. Unlike previous editions, this version also contains data on women who were uninsured during pregnancy and at the time they gave birth and it outlines policy recommendations on actions states can take to simplify public health coverage programs for eligible, uninsured children and pregnant women.
  • The Southern Institute has published three editions of the Chartbook of Major Indicators: Conditions Placing Children in the South at Risk. This report is a compendium of research illustrating the status of the South on key indicators of child abuse and neglect, child care, education, health care and health coverage. In addition, its appendix provides data on all states relative to the conditions that place children at risk. The Chartbook of Major Indicators provides a powerful visual depiction of the extent to which southern states are addressing issues related to child well-being and it encourages business and community leaders and policymakers to take actions to improve the conditions in which low-income children and families live and work.

Please contact us to learn how the Southern Institute can help your organization increase knowledge of issues and action strategies related to child and family well-being.



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