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Coalition Building and Strengthening

The Southern Institute on Children and Families is nationally recognized for bringing diverse groups together around a common goal to achieve results.  We provide specialized expertise to newly formed or longstanding coalitions to help build capacity, achieve goals and sustain momentum. It is our goal to build sustainable collaborative partnerships and coalitions to increase and strengthen the capacity for improving the lives of children and families.

The Southern Institute offers coalition consulting services that increase efficiency and effectiveness of coalitions and collaborative partnerships. Our approach tailors the consultation to meet the unique needs of a particular coalition, which may involve working with the entire coalition membership or only its executive committee. We have extensive experience in providing consultation to different types of coalitions, including large statewide collaborations, smaller community-based groups, those in the formative stage, and experienced long-standing organizations.

We have developed a variety of team building, leadership development and group problem solving methodologies to build and strengthen coalitions and collaborative partnerships. These methodologies include peer-to-peer technical assistance, asset mapping and gap analysis, short and long term planning and custom tools such as the online coalition assessment and coalition sustainability evaluation. 

Southern Institute experts help coalitions and collaborative partnerships function more productively by focusing on interpersonal and organizational performance. We foster the development of individual professional growth and leadership, while simultaneously addressing the unique needs of the coalition, thereby maximizing their collaborative efforts to achieve sustainable results. 

The Southern Institute coalition building services are conducted through individual consultation, national and statewide workshops/seminars and presentations and include the following topics:

  • new coalition development
  • assessment and evaluation of existing coalitions
  • coalition leadership development
  • team building
  • strategic planning
  • problem-solving
  • maintaining momentum
  • sustaining collaborative efforts

Judi Cramer, MS, is a credentialed coalition consultation staff member at the Southern Institute, and she is recognized as an expert and leader in building and sustaining effective coalitions and collaborative partnerships. In 2005, Cramer completed the year-long Health Partners Fellows Program through the International Center for Health Leadership Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago, focusing on building effective collaborations and coalitions. Through her work with the national Covering Kids & Families initiative, Cramer provided technical assistance to statewide, regional and local coalitions across the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Contact Judi Cramer, Deputy Director, Program Design and Management Center for more information on coalition consulting services available through the Southern Institute.



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