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Center Collaborative

Center staff makes use of a Process Improvement Collaborative to affect improvement in the eligibility process. The Collaborative is a 12-month engagement between the center and up to 15 teams of public program and related private business leaders who share a common goal of rapidly achieving Medicaid and SCHIP eligibility process improvements.

Each team is expected to reach the goal of the Collaborative by:

  • Developing specific team goals relating to achieving system improvements to increase the accuracy of the eligibility determination by utilizing a package of changes that have been identified and proven effective by other organizations and experts.
  • Working with a specific county, region, unit or worker with the intent of spreading the tested and demonstrated improvements throughout the county or state.
  • Attending three learning sessions that provide an opportunity for learning about the improvement process and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Open discussions enable members to learn from other teams about the successful practices. The sharing of ideas and experiences is an integral strategy of the collaborative.
  • Communicating with other teams and the Collaborative Leadership while learning and running small-scale tests of the change ideas. This approach will utilize the effective improvement model known as Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA).
  • Utilizing process and outcome measurement strategies to assess progress towards achieving the Collaborative goals.
  • Collecting data that relates to specific team goals at least monthly and plot these data over time to assess the impact of any changes.
  • Reporting their PDSA cycles monthly. Download a sample data report.

The Collaborative Leadership will:

  • Provide practice ideas and change concepts on improvement in enrollment and retention of eligible but uninsured adults and children.
  • Be readily available to teams for coaching and general guidance.
  • Provide communication strategies to keep teams connected for shared learning.
  • Assess team progress and provide feedback to Collaborative team members.
  • Assist teams in identifying and developing solutions to barriers to change.
  • Plan and conduct three learning sessions.

Through the sharing of ideas and experiences, the center's Collaborative is instrumental in changing the culture of the eligibility office, transforming it into an efficient and effective agency for lower-income children and families.


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