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Coalition Building and Community Collaboration
Consulting Services

Engaging communities to collaboratively address issues affecting the well-being of its children and families is an effective way of empowering communities. The synergistic efforts of the collaborating partners often result in creative ways to overcome obstacles1. Community collaboration results in easier, faster and more coherent access to public services and benefits and in greater effects on public systems. A coalition is defined as the coming together of people and organizations to influence outcomes related to a specific problem or set of problems2. Effective coalitions, guided by a common purpose, are competent and capable of producing expected results through strategic, collaborative efforts.

The Southern Institute on Children and Families provides Coalition Building and Community Collaboration Consulting services to help build effective collaborative partnerships to achieve results.  Our Collaboration Consulting services assist coalitions and collaborative partners to achieve their goals; increase their collaborative capacity; and sustain their efforts.

The Southern Institute is experienced in planning and executing statewide and national workshops, seminars and training events to engage participants in hands-on activities focusing on community collaboration. We have worked successfully with more than 50 coalitions across the nation to maximize their effectiveness and sustainability.

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2Cohen L., Baer N, Satterwhite P, Developing Effective Coalitions



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